Although gun safes are designed to keep firearms safe from intrusion, theft, unauthorized access etc, many of them are unable to protect them from a fire hazard. This makes it important for gun owners to purchase a biometric fireproof gun safe that can ensure protection for guns even in case of a fire breakout. Here are reviews of some of the best fire-resistant gun safes to buy.

Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 with Electronic Lock

The safe has a carpeted interior lining that prevents damage to firearms or valuables stored inside.
• Its shelves can be adjusted to suit individual needs.
• There are side deadbolts and 6 locking points to ensure additional protection from intrusion.
• It can hold as many as 22 guns.
• It comes with 2-way locking facility.
• You can put its electronic keypad in a silent mode, so that no one else can hear you opening your safes.
The safe has a total weight of 247 pounds.

Lockstate LS-30D Digital Fireproof Safe

This is a small safe and is designed to store handguns and other small firearms, other than license and other vital papers.
• This fire-resistant safe can withstand as high temperatures as 1800 Degrees Fahrenheit for as long as an hour.
• An Electronic thumb throw lock enhances the security of this safe.
• It has an illuminated keypad that lets you unlock the safe even when it is fully dark, and draws power from batteries. However, you can also plug the safe into an AC outlet for backup power.
• It can safely be mounted, which can ensure that intruders are unable to snatch the safe as well. There is also an alarm to ensure more security.
It is not water-resistant in form.

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Lockstate LS-30D Digital Fireproof Safe

It is a small safe which makes it perfect for the storage of pistols and revolvers, as well as important documents.
• It can survive as high temperatures as 1800 Degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour at a stretch, and can keep your arms and papers safe inside.
• It has a battery-powered, illuminated keypad that can be unlocked in even total darkness.
• It comes with hardware to be mounted easily.
It is heavy for its small size. Conclusion

These fireproof biometric safes offer high fire protection and do not cost too much. You will do well to have any of these affordable, fireproof gun safes in your house for the safekeeping of your guns.

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