What It's Really Like to Live With Pit Bulls

Gibson County Healthy Living Center voted down – 14 News, WFIE …

Commissioners have voted down the Gibson County Healthy Living Center. On Tuesday, they voted 2-1 against taking the project to the ERC and moving it

YMCA hires new wellness, healthy living director – GreenwichTime

Krieger-Redwood is a competitive athlete who will be responsible for all healthy living programming, including aerobic classes, Pilates and yoga, as well as

Researchers Promote Healthy Living at Any Age – UTEP News …

Researchers Promote Healthy Living at Any Age. Details: Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 July 2012 19:39. By Laura L. Acosta. UTEP News Service

Women Who Suffer from Infertility More Likely to Become Alcoholics …

From the blog Healthy Living: A new study hints at the devastating psychological effects of infertility: Women who want to become mothers, but are unable to

Featured Fitterati: Healthy Living Blog Healthy Tipping Point | The Fit …

Each Tuesday, we're highlighting one category of winners from our Fitterati Blogger Awards! This week we're learning the tricks of the trade from our fave

Can Soda Cause Cancer?

This seems a logical suggestion because the ACS's cancer-prevention guidelines state, “Consuming a healthy diet can substantially reduce one's lifetime risk of developing or dying from cancer.” Some headway is being get the healthy living
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The Secret Lives of Some Wives

At least that is the new advice being shared in the latest book on how to live happily-ever-after by Iris Krasnow, The Secrets Lives of Wives: Women Share What It Really Takes to Stay Married. There are healthier ways to fan the flames and create
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How Flying Undermines Your Green Lifestyle

For people who travel a lot–whether for work, pleasure or both–flying can outweigh everything else we do to live green. How To Stay Healthy Even If You Eat Junk, Smoke Ciggies, Skip Exercise & Booze It Up · 9 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe on July
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The Healthy Living show

A brand new event dedicated to health, wellbeing, and happiness will light up Auckland's Viaduct Events Centre for all New Zealanders in 2012 from the 2nd till the 4th of November.
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What It's Really Like to Live With Pit Bulls

That means that I have limitations on where I can live, where I can walk my dogs without muzzles, even where I can drive with my Pits, Hudson and Falstaff. (I was stopped in Colorado once and told I could not pass through …. get the healthy living
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