Herbal Healer: What is bogbean?

NIH to dramatically reduce chimpanzee use in biomedical research

Contact Email. Contact Email2. Contact Url. Subscribe to Blog. Remember my Info. It is a victory for chimpanzees and animal rights advocates, but some wonder if the decision by the National Institutes of Health will compromise the development of new drugs.
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Connecticut DPH shares safety tips as summer heats up

As summer heats up in Connecticut, the Department of Public of Health (DPH) is reminding residents to protect their health in the face of the sun, high temperatures and humidity. After two days of healthy living · sun protection · Skin Cancer
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Best Beverages For Your Health | Healthy Eats – Food Network …

Food Network's Healthy Eats: Healthy Recipes, Weight Loss Tips & Nutrition on the amount of food you eat, how active you are and the climate you live in.

Living Well Working Group promoting healthy living » Local News …

Whether you offer community cooking classes, organize exercise programs, or work to prevent diabetes, a new Living Well Working Group wants to hear w.

Healthy living festival draws thousands to downtown smiths falls

EMC News -More than 2,000 people flocked to Smiths Falls on Saturday, June 22, for the Downtown Business Association's (DBA) inaugural Healthy Living Festival. The day started off with the Little Thing Run, organized by the Spring Fling Running Thing 
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Gay Marriage is NOT Bad for Children

It feels important to take a look at the SCOTUS ruling, as well as the reality of these families to dispel such allegations and allay the fears of many who live in opposition to such families. Justice Kennedy argued that denying marriage to same-sex
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Which Birth Control Pill Is Right for Me?

It's a feminist icon and lets women live life on their own terms. For 50+ …. Everything in life comes with possible risks and benefits, including pregnancy which researchers say poses many more health risks to women than does the use of hormonal
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How To Stay Calm When Stress Strikes

I watch myself in slow motion, like I am an observer, watching myself in a movie, realizing how we let one real, healthy life-endangering stress response spin into dozens of them. (“Oh no, I'm going to miss my speech and I'll disappoint 300 people! Oh
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Philips Will Fund Best

The Philips Innovation Fellows Competition asks people around the country to submit ideas that will help others live well, be healthy, and enjoy life. The participants will run crowdfunding campaigns for their ideas on Indiegogo, and the judges will
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Herbal Healer: What is bogbean?

Its lacy white flower providing a visual treat for the eyes, this plant won't be seen on your woodland walks, as it thrives best when growing away from dry soil. Indeed, bogbean rises from shallow water, the edge of ponds and, of course, spongy bogs
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