Doctor Uses Black Hair Salons To Encourage Healthy Living

Toothbrush Dog – Caption It! (Photo) | Care2 Healthy Living

What do you think is going on here? Think of a funny or clever caption, and tell us in the comments! The top caption will receive 5000 Butterfly Rewards!
Care2 Healthy Living

Best fats for healthy living

Here's looking at some must-know information about fats, along with a line-up of the best fats for healthy living. Some facts on fats, which you must know: -Fats are a member of a chemical group called lipids. -Fats provide energy of 9 calories per gram.
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Healthy living programs continue for seniors

The Aging & Disability Resource Center of Central Wisconsin continues to offer healthy living programs and wellness classes in the community. These programs are designed to maintain and improve overall fitness, strength, balance and flexibility
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True Unity

Although usually invisible, this living consciousness could shine forth at times making a table or tree seem to glow from within or filling the air with a shower of golden sparkles. Visible or invisible, a world suffused with …. get the healthy
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Jessica Dean's Healthy Living: Feeling Lonely?

Jessica Dean's Healthy Living: Feeling Lonely? By: Jessica Dean, KARK 4 Today. Updated: August 21, 2012. Tweet. watch video. Many feel lonely at least once in a while, for some, loneliness is a nagging feeling they must deal with more frequently
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Know the signs: Eight symptoms of a heart attack

Sheila Krehbiel, Wichita Healthy Living Examiner. A freelance copywriter, editor and proofreader in Wichita, Kan., Sheila Krehbiel has 15+ years of experience in advertising, marketing and public relations. She has worked with a variety of clients
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Meditate to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Apparently the Dalai Lama found this quite hard to believe, as self-esteem is not a known problem in Tibet. We talked to one of his translators, now living with his wife and child in London. Tashi told us that children growing …. get the healthy
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Women's Nutrition: Iron | Care2 Healthy Living

Here's a quick tip to find out if you're meeting or exceeding your daily recommend iron value.

Is Coconut Oil Healthier Than Butter? | Healthy Living – Yahoo! Shine

From the blog Healthy Living: All things coconut seem to be über popular these days, including replacing butter with coconut oil. But is it any healthier?…/coconut-oil-healthier-butter-173700818.h…

Doctor Uses Black Hair Salons To Encourage Healthy Living

Dr. Reed Tuckson hopes to help Washington D.C.'s African American women live and eat healthier.…/black-hair-salons-healthy-living-…

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